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"The Bible is not the Word of God. It never refers to itself as such. According to the New Testament, Jesus is the Word of God. The Word of God is a person, not a collection of texts. The documents that make up the Bible contain words of God and inspired words about God written by people who encountered God in various ways. The grand mistake made over the last 500 years has been to substitute the text for the Word. This inevitably leads to a well-intentioned Phariseeism, a subtle idolatry. It can also, paradoxically, lead to a reluctance to honestly and rigorously examine the scriptural texts."



i get anxiety because idk what will come after postmodernism

i do, it’s


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Aw I like Earth Fare. It’s really close to me though and the nearest Trader Joes is like an hour and a half away. They’re pricy normally, but I’m on their email and text list and they send out deals which are AMAZING.

Yeah, I can totally understand that. They had a pretty nice selection, but I just couldn’t get past the prices. Maybe I’m just stenchy, but I’ll stick with Trader Joes. They’re literally right down the road from my work and they’re just shit cheap. 


i want to drive through the mountains with you at six am while bon iver is on the radio

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After going to Earth Fare for the first time, I’ve decided I’ll stick with my Trader Joes.

@baerburg’s latte art game is strong. // #vscocam. #latteart. #starbucksbarista.

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the Clue Klux Klan…solving mysteries in a racist sort of way

i think you mean “the police department”


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Kolmanskop, Namibia, had a booming diamond industry, mining over 2,000lbs from the Earth in just 14 years in the early 1900s. Now, however, the area has been completely abandoned and consumed by the sand.
"These photographs represent what used to be and no longer exists. And that humans are just passing through Earth—nature will always have the last word" - Photographer Romain Veillon

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