Jesus Christ, girl, I laid up for hours in a daze, retracing the expanse of your American back with Adderall and weed in my veins. 


Hoping to see more from this new creative bunch based in Surabaya, @betrayerfamily

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My dog is the doggest of the dogs.


King Krule - Baby Blue

I could’ve been someone
to you.
Would have painted the skies blue,
Baby blue,
If you knew.

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Justice? Whose Justice? Justice for whom? For “us?” For “them?” For “all?”

Of what do we speak when we speak of Justice? For what do we ask when we ask for it? Let us not delude ourselves so with our pretensions of righteousness. Let us call for Justice, yes, but let us do so with fear and trembling. Let us be aware of the full gravity of the matter.

How many of us would perish in the instant that Righteousness began to reign?

"It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace."

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Black filters of nuanced words seem to dribble into my head. Like a paper shredder dispensing those documents that have sat on your desk for the past month and a half.
You say “these are just endless endings.”
Such words showed such solidarity in the dark it matched that of an ember slowly gleaning the remnants of lost trees with hopes of never growing and leaning.

"But aren’t you tired of not knowing?"

"I’m thinking."

Suspended seasons and lackluster reasons are all I have left and they blanket me in my tundra of fortitude. Fixated and nauseated and truncated are the words I bequeath to a heart that never slowly beats, but is ripe with blood-red passengers that travel in pairs one, two, three times a week.
My “significant impasse” she would say.
A synonymous air to that of her vacant offspring that left her to in the middle of winter to visit the beaches of Germany. It was in vain.

“We have these doubts” she timely toned
“They match that of the ocean. And it is in these doubts we swim as truncated instruments in the hands of divine misfortune”

Ever swimming.
Never allaying.


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Alexi K - Artist

"Call me slow, but I’ve just found out that my art - especially the drawings - is posted all over the place on the internet - sometimes not by me. If you’ve featured me, and credited my name, thank you, I really appreciate the support. X

If you’ve featured me, but didn’t credit the art, please make the effort, it’s only polite. ;)”  from his website

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Tame Impala | Music To Walk Home By

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